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The Lord has blessed us with opportunities for Pastor Bill Liversidge to be on TV
The message that God has given to Pastor Bill Liversidge is bringing hope to thousands who have never fully appreciated the Righteousness of Jesus. Several times per week Victory In Jesus is broadcast on LLBN (Loma Linda Broadcasting Network). Recently LLBN started showing The Encounters of Jesus.
We need your support to keep this ministry on T.V. The TV schedule is here - 
Here are our needs: We have 6 TV Networks that are showing Victory In Jesus video on TV or are going to show it on their TV networks. We also have books that need to be printed. We are reprinting Victory In Jesus English. This makes 50,000 we have printed since bringing the book out. We are producing sermons for TBN and need the support to cover the cost to produce.Victory In Jesus will be in Italian soon. 
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We're delighted that Hope Channel are showing several of Bill's series. The Encounters of Jesus, Inspired by the Holy Spirit, and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.